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John Elways has star role in ESPN documentary 2015-Feb-6

John Elways has star role in ESPN documentary about 1983 draft


An ESPN "30 for 30" documentary about the 1983 NFL draft titled "Elway to Marino" reveals stunning details on John Elway's refusal to play for the Baltimore Colts, who selected the former Stanford star with the No. 1 pick and wound up trading him to the Broncos. The documentary airs Tuesday night.


Before Elway wound up with the Broncos, Davis made what turned out to be a blind play for the quarterback.


"I have a meeting with Al Davis," said Marvin Demoff, the agent for both Elway and Dan Marino and the star of the documentary. "He says, 'Yeah, I really like this Elway guy. I know he can move the chains. Can he throw deep?' "


Demoff was aghast. Yes, Davis had been busy with his antitrust suit against the NFL, which tried to block his move of the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles. But to ask whether Elway, arguably the strongest armed quarterback prospect in NFL history, could throw deep?


"I said, 'Al, don't ever tell anybody that but me,' " Demoff said.


Davis tried to make a three way trade that would have involved sending defensive end Howie Long to the Chicago Bears, the Bears' No. 6 pick to the Colts and Elway to the Raiders.


But as the trade was going down, Don Weiss of the NFL called the Bears.


"And then the deal vanished," Demoff said.


Davis' Raiders weren't the only team that tried to acquire Elway. The Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys all tried to pull off a trade with the Colts, the documentary reports.


Directed by Ken Rodgers of HBO's "Hard Knocks" fame and narrated by Tom Selleck, "Elway to Marino" explores the ill founded rumors of Marino's cheap jerseys drug use that caused the Pitt quarterback to fall to the Miami Dolphins at No. 27 after quarterbacks Todd Blackledge, Jim Kelly, Tony Eason and Ken O'Brien were drafted.


"Who is Ken O'Brien?" Marino asked Demoff, in all seriousness, after the New York Jets selected the UC Davis quarterback at No. 24.


Elway was interviewed for the documentary at Broncos headquarters in February. He was forthright about how the initial public excuse he used for not wanting to play for the Colts wholesale nfl jerseys that he wanted to stay on the West Coast was a mistake. The truth was Elway and his father, Jack, wanted nothing to do with Colts coach Frank Kush or team owner Robert Irsay.


"The excuse ended up backfiring because it made me look like a golden boy from California, the little surfer dude that wanted to play in warm weather," Elway said.


Among those who took offense was Terry Bradshaw, a Hall of Famer who was about to play his final season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and who later become a career long critic of Elway as an NFL analyst.


"For a guy like Elway to come out and say, 'Well, I want to be out on the West Coast, and I want to be on the beach and I'm a California boy' well, who cares what you are?" Bradshaw said in a 1983 interview used by "30 for 30."


"And he says, 'Well, I'll go play baseball.' Play baseball. You should play baseball. Because in my opinion he's not the kind of guy you win championships with."


Bill Walsh, whose 49ers had the No. 5 pick, briefly considered taking a run at Elway.


"Would be interested in John Elway if they can trade Joe Montana," Demoff said, reading from his notes. This was a year removed from Montana becoming the Super Bowl MVP.


The Seahawks could have had Elway. But they liked running back Curt Warner too much to pull off the trade.


The Chargers, whose owner, Gene Klein, was in a contract dispute with star quarterback Dan Fouts, offered the No. 20 and 22 picks from the 1983 draft, their No. 1 pick in 1984 and quarterback Ed Luther for the rights to Elway. But Colts general manager Ernie Accorsi also wanted the Chargers' No. 5 pick because he wanted to draft Marino, his second choice at quarterback behind Elway. Klein wouldn't budge. The Chargers instead used the No. 5 pick to acquire linebacker Billy Ray Smith of Arkansas.


It was at that point in the draft, conducted the morning of April 26 in New York, that Elway and his father had a news conference announcing Elway's intention to play baseball with the New York Yankees.


Gary Hughes was the Yankees scout who signed Elway. In the documentary, Hughes indicated he knew playing quarterback was Elway's true love, but there cheap nfl jerseys was a time when Yankees owner George Steinbrenner thought he had a legitimate chance of teaming the left handed hitting outfielder with another hot prospect, first baseman Don Mattingly. The Broncos, meanwhile, had the No. 4 pick and drafted Chris Hinton in part because coach Dan Reeves knew Kush liked the Northwestern guard.


The reason the Broncos wound up getting Elway? Irsay wrested control of the trade from Accorsi. Also, Irsay would only talk to his fellow owners. It was the relationship between Irsay and Denver owner Edgar Kaiser the forgotten hero in Broncos lore that got the deal done. Elway was watching "All My Children" with about 10 of wholesale jerseys his buddies when he got a phone call from Demoff, who said the Broncos deal was going down.


The Cowboys wanted Elway because, as Demoff read from his notes, "Landry unhappy with White," referring to longtime Dallas coach Tom Landry and quarterback Danny White.


New England coach Ron Meyer was upset that his team drafted Illinois' Eason with the No. 15 pick. "He wasn't a cheap nfl jerseys very strong guy," Meyer said. "And it worried me about taking the punishment that a quarterback takes. I wouldn't have drafted him."


Also, Buffalo was one of three teams Kelly didn't want to play for when he was selected by the Bills at No. 14.


As the credits to the ESPN show rolled, Elway was in front of his computer as the Broncos' executive vice president of football operations.


"My career turned out pretty good for a 22 year old, runny nose, Southern California surfer kid," Elway said, before bursting into a big laugh. "As Terry would say."

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Cowboy Mike Jenkins plays well in Dallas2015-Feb-6

Cowboy Mike Jenkins plays well in Dallas


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Miles Austin (19) has a kind word for former teammate, Oakland Raiders cornerback Mike Jenkins (21), who fake oakleys was injured in the fourth quarter during the Oakland Raiders vs. the replica oakleys Dallas Cowboys NFL football game at AT Stadium in Arlington on Thursday, November 28, 2013. (Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News)


ARLINGTON Oakland Raiders cornerback Mike Jenkins, a Dallas Cowboys 2008 first round Cheap Nike Jerseys pick who spent his previous five seasons in Dallas, said earlier in the week that Thursday's game was no different than any other for him.


In the Cowboys' third offensive series of the first quarter, Jenkins tackled running back DeMarco Murray for a 1 yard loss early in the drive. Jenkins then forced the Cowboys to punt by breaking up a Tony Romo pass to Miles Austin on third and 5 from the Raiders' 45 yard line.


Jenkins injured his shoulder late in the third quarter and never returned. He finished with thee tackles and a forced fumble.


Jenkins said the Raiders' defense "looked a little bit tired out there" in the second half and wasn't happy with their overall performance.

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Brandon Myers and Kevin Boothe at home with Giants 2015-Feb-6

Brandon Myers and Kevin Boothe at home with Giants after being rejected


Louis Murphy Jr. thought he was going to be in the long term plans of the Raiders. He was a fourth round pick of the team in 2009, started 19 games for them in three years and seemed to be the kind of fast, productive wide receiver that franchise has always valued.


So what happened?


It wasn't that direct. Murphy was traded to the Panthers at the start of training camp in 2012 and spent the season in Carolina before signing with the Giants as a free agent this offseason. But he is one of several current Giants who began their careers with the Raiders, only to be unceremoniously jettisoned.


For one of those Giants, Sunday's rare meeting between two franchises that seem to have little in common Cheap Snapback Hats other than a tradition of success that includes seven Super Bowl titles between them and have clashed only 11 times since their first game in 1973 represents an opportunity to show that mistakes were made.


Tight end Brandon Myers was a primary target for the Raiders last year, catching 79 passes, but when free agency rolled around, they didn't even throw him an offer. "I think anybody would take it personally," he said.


Which is why Myers admitted what few players in his situation do, even if he did so reluctantly.


"It's just another game," he said, "but this one is maybe a little bigger than the other ones."


Not so for Kevin Boothe who, like Myers and Murphy, was drafted by the Raiders. But that was way back in 2006. He started 14 games for that team but was waived at chi flat iron the start of the following season. A day later he was on a plane to Newark, having been claimed by the Giants.


Two Super Bowl rings later, it's easy to see why Boothe doesn't exactly hold a grudge.


"It was a roller coaster of emotions," he said, "but it worked out quite well."


At the time of the transaction, the Raiders actually were closer to their last Super Bowl appearance than the Giants were, only four years removed from losing to the Buccaneers. They haven't been back to the playoffs since.


Boothe struggled to describe the difference between the Raiders' way chi flat irons of doing business and the Giants' way.


"It's two different households," he said. "It's hard to explain. It's just a different place [in Oakland]."


In fact, he said there probably are more similarities than differences. He talked about how both Wholesale Snapback Hats franchises routinely have former greats who come through the locker room and how both have passionate fan bases (although he mentioned that the fans in Oakland dress with a little more flair).


Boothe even noted the parallel between two men who, on the surface, would seem to have nothing in common: the renegade Davis and his current boss, John Mara, who personifies old school NFL ownership.


"I look at those two gentlemen as what the NFL is all about, two men who are passionate about their teams and wanting greatness," Boothe said. "I think there are obvious differences between the two in terms of personalities in the public, but they have a lot of similarities as well."


Myers said he knows a lot of people on the Raiders after spending the first four years of his career there. Boothe, though, looked down the roster when he received this week's scouting report and saw that only two players remain from his brief tenure there: kicker Sebastian Janikowski and long snapper Jon Condo.


"Obviously, things have changed, especially in the last couple of years over there," Boothe said. "It's different. It's a different organization compared to over here. But I'll always think about, when I'm done, that it was pretty cool to have been drafted by the Raiders and to have been able to play for two of the most storied franchises in the NFL."


In fact, there's a part of Boothe that still is a bit of a swashbuckler despite nearly a decade with the Giants.

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A 1985 Bo Jackson scouting report is slightly clairvoyant2015-Feb-6

A 1985 Bo Jackson scouting report is cheap wedding dresses online slightly clairvoyant


A few months before Bo Jackson won the 1985 Heisman Trophy, a scout evaluated the Auburn prospect aptitude as Cheap NFL Jerseys a baseball player. The scout observations are fascinating


Obviously, Jackson was the rarest of breeds. He was the first athlete to be named an All Star in two major American sports and was the first overall pick in the 1986 NFL Draft. The scout makes several interesting and ultimately ominous note toward the bottom of his report gifted athlete; the best pure athlete in America today. about him in 1985 but there is hope in 1986. Can win the Heisman Trophy next year and Auburn Cheap Jerseys has changed their offense to the I formation so he can run the ball 40 times a game next fall. has to like this game to be playing it cheap prom dresses now and I a firm believer that he is liking it more and more each year and doesn like the thought of getting beat on for a lifetime (football) and a longer possible career in baseball. suffered a partial hip dislocation during the 1990 NFL playoffs. The injury ended Jackson football career in 1990 and his baseball career in 1994.

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You got to be kidding2015-Feb-6

You got to be kidding


He's bailed us out so many times and he will again. He's the last guy we're worried about. You don't need to worry about him, he'll be fine. We won, that's the most important thing, style points don't count.


Yes, yes, sure, no doubt and all righty then. No one is worried about Eli Manning. We get it. That's what they are saying. Feel free to not believe replica oakleys they are telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


How can the Giants not be concerned when their franchise quarterback is performing like some journeyman and the plan at the moment is not to have Eli cost them the game? Eli Manning, game manager? You got to be kidding. This modus operandi has worked against the Vikings, Eagles and Raiders in the three game winning streak, mainly because those teams came at the Giants with damaged goods at quarterback and couldn't score enough points in a 7 on 7 practice drill. Heck, Eli the Conservative might even work again this Sunday, when the Packers arrive with Scott Tolzien as their starting quarterback as he subs for the injured Seneca Wallace, who was subbing for the injured Aaron Rodgers.


Eli as Game Manager is not going to cut it against teams with real quarterbacks that can actually score points, like the Cowboys, Redskins, Chargers, Seahawks, Lions and Redskins again. Those are the last six games of the season, and down the stretch no one should expect the Giants to be able to run the ball 32, 31 and 38 times, which is what they have done in this three game winning streak. Andre Brown's presence is huge, but to think the Giants are suddenly going to be able to reinvent themselves into a smash mouth team with Manning as a dink and dunker is ridiculous.


You could sense something in Victor Cruz after the 24 20 victory over the Raiders. The ball never should have come Cruz's way on what became a Tracy Porter pick six in the second quarter. Cruz said he could have "backpedalled'' into the end zone had Manning hit him on what should have turned into a 5 yard TD pass on third and goal in the fourth quarter with the Giants nursing a one point lead.


Just listen to Cruz describing the fateful interception:


"When you run a route, you kind of know who's in your area and you kind of know when you're going to get the ball and when you're not. And when he threw it, I was a little surprised, because it was a coverage we had gone over. I'm assuming he just didn't see him and just kind of threw it in that area. That's why I was surprised when he threw it.''


Irritated? Not really? Confused? Probably. If the Giants cannot count on Manning to make the plays to win games down the field, deep passing plays this bizarre playoff run is going to disintegrate before too much longer.


The Packers may sign their former backup, Matt Flynn, on Monday after Flynn works out for the team, but even if they do, the plan is to start Tolzien against the Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Tolzien was a two year starter at Wisconsin before going undrafted, spent time in 2011 with the Chargers in training camp, sat the bench in 2012 with the 49ers and began this season on the Packers' practice squad. He made his NFL debut this Sunday, coming in for Wallace and completing 24 of 39 passes for 280 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in a 27 13 loss in Green Bay to the Eagles. He's a pocket passer with a decent arm and one game of real NFL experience.


The last time the Giants had a 100 yard rusher at running back, Brandon Jacobs in Chicago on Oct. 10, was also the last time Jacobs was seen on the field, as he continues to sit with a replica christian louboutin strained hamstring. The Giants should keep that in mind after giving Andre Brown 30 carries in his first game of the season after he recovered from his second broken left leg in the past year. Peyton Hills sure fell out of favor quickly, as he fumbled away a screen pass in the first quarter and got just five rushing attempts (for 21 yards) against the Raiders. Hillis also missed a blitz pickup that directly led to Manning getting sacked.


Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell got pretty creative on a fourth quarter play that resulted in a strip sack by Mathias Kiwanuka. Fewell put Justin Tuck in a two point stance, standing on the right side of the defensive line, directly behind Jason Pierre Paul, clearly wanting to direct all of the Raiders attention to protecting Terrelle Pryor's right side. Meanwhile, Kiwanuka was able to loop around the left edge and come in from behind to nail Pryor. It didn't hurt that the coverage down the field was solid, forcing Pryor to hold the ball a second or two longer than he should have.


"It was a good designed call, I was just fighting and continuing to rush, and at the point where if he still had the ball in his hand, I was gonna try and take it out,'' Kiwanuka said.


Asked to elaborate, Kiwanuka smiled and said, "We're not gonna give it all away, we'll leave it at that. It was a good design. Maybe it confused him. I don't know what he was thinking.''


The Giants had lost 10 straight games when they trailed at halftime before coming back on the Raiders after trailing 17 14 at the half (and 20 14 in the third quarter). No doubt the Raiders helped fuel the Giants' comeback, but this has to help the mindset moving forward.


How bad were the offenses the Giants have faced in their three game winning streak? The Raiders managed only 213 total yards, the third consecutive Giants opponent that failed to gain 215 yards. The Vikings had 206 yards and the Eagles finished with 201 yards. That's darn good defense, but, to be fair, darn lousy offense, too. Heck, the Raiders has 106 net passing yards, the fewest by a Giants opponent since Miami threw for 101 yards on Oct. 30, 2011. The Raiders' 12 first downs were the fewest by a Giants opponent since Minnesota had 10 replica christian louboutin shoes on Dec. 13, 2010.


Another problem with the passing attack is Manning might be too predictable. He's forcing the ball to Cruz, who is almost constantly double teamed. Of Manning's 22 pass attempts vs. the Raiders, Cruz was targeted 10 times and had only three receptions. Hakeem Nicks was on the field for 53 of the 65 offensive snaps and was targeted four times (he caught all four for 49 yards).


You know what, Mr. Schwartz? Enough. Eli is winning games any way he can. The team is trying mightily to dig themselves out of this hole. The defense is playing outstanding so Eli has switched to a ball control game. The vertical passing attack is reigned in for now. And why not? Andre Brown is back and running hard in terrible weather.


Eli does not give two damns about gaudy stats. His Oline is horrific. The idea that this Oline is settling in is an absolute mirage that Reese still needs to be taking a ton of heat for. Andre Brown made many of those runs happen on his own. Watch Hillis try to run behind that line. He couldnt. He's also fumbled every game he's been in. How 'bout that? The pressure from the interior OLine was bad vs the Raiders. Every week, it seems a different part of the Oline struggles. They never seem to be able to put it together.


What does that leave Eli? Especially when his number one receiver isn't doing much of anything? Managing the damn game and getting the Giants back into contention. Limiting those crazy turnovers. Oh, so so sorry, Eli isn't giving you fireworks. Seriously, just shut up and let this team claw their way back anyway they can!


And another thing. You know what else is a mirage? That this offense is even functional. Eli's durability is, right now, his own special curse. Fans and the media attack him because he's still standing upright and trying to lead this hilariously out of synch offense, so they figure, it's kinda buy fake oakleys working so what's wrong with Eli? Smdh. Every other QB would be injured by now. Get Painter in there for a few weeks and watch the narrative change on a dime. Fans will be wailing for Eli to just be in there, let alone put up gaudy stats.

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High school football capsules2015-Feb-6

High school football capsules


About Shaker: The Blue Bison handled archrival South Colonie in Week One, handing the Garnet Raiders a 34 0 defeat. Senior quarterback Ben Capeless passed for 172 yards and the Blue Bison running backs gained 249 yards on the ground.


About Schenectady: The Patriots dropped a nailbiter to archrival Niskayuna in Week One, losing 32 28. Schenectady quarterback Timmy Cox was limited to a 3 of 12 performance for 56 yards against the Silver Warriors, although he did throw two touchdowns cheap jerseys and run for another.


Notable: These teams last meet in Week Three of the 2009 season, with Schenectady winning, 20 6. Shaker last defeated the Patriots on Oct. 17, 2008, as the Bison won by a score of 17 7.


About Guilderland: The Dutchmen dropped a Week One decision to Saratoga Springs, 28 12. The Blue Streaks scored one touchdown in each quarter against the Dutchmen. Guilderland quarterback Ryan Smith, who was one of the top passers in Section II in 2009, completed wholesale jerseys 10 of 36 passes for 191 yards against Saratoga.


About La Salle: The Cadets lost control of The Record's Collar City Cup in Week One, falling to Troy High, 55 0. La Salle allowed Troy to rush for 581 yards in the defeat and obviously could not find the end zone on offense or special teams.


Notable: These teams last met in the 2009 Class AA quarterfinals, with Guilderland winning 34 33 in overtime on Michael Lavelle's game winning extra point. La Salle last defeated the Dutchmen in the 2007 Class AA Super Bowl, 28 17.


About Lansingburgh: The Knights owned a one point halftime lead against two time defending state finalists Burnt Hills in Week One, but collapsed in the second half, losing 25 15. Junior quarterback Carlos Grillo shone in his varsity debut, completing 12 for21 passes for 165 yards and one touchdown.


About Gloversville: The Huskies received four all purpose touchdowns from Michael Johnston in a Week One defeat at Averll Park.


Notable: Lansingburgh won the last game between these teams, a Section cheap nfl jerseys II Class A regular season meeting on Sept. 21, 2007, 34 21.


About Hoosick Falls: The Panthers received 159 rushing yards and three touchdowns from Brad Burns in a 48 20 victory over Corinth in Week One. Hoosick Falls, which went 11 1 in 2009 and advanced to the New York State Class C semifinals, last lost a regular season game on Sept. 12, 2008 to Schuylerville, 36 0.


About Mechanicville: The Red Raiders faced Colonial Council rival Voorheesville in Week One in a non division Class C game and were shut out, 21 0. Abele to a team high 37 yards on six attempts.


Notable: These teams last met on Oct. 10, 2008, with Hoosick Falls winning 27 15.


About Colonie: The Garnet Raiders lost control of the Town of Colonie Cup to Shaker in Week One, 34 0. Colonie was limited to 31 rushing yards on 29 attempts in the loss.


About Troy: The Flying Horses were on the other side of a blowout, rivalry win in Week One, defeating La Salle 55 0 to reclaim The Record's wholesale nfl jerseys Collar City Cup. Troy High racked up 581 rushing yards in the triumph.


Notable: With Troy High playing a Class A schedule each of the past two seasons, the last meeting between these teams happened on Sept. 22, 2007. Troy won, 21 14. Colonie's most recent win over the Flying Horses came on Oct. 21, 2006 by the score of 35 15.

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